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Now is your time to shine brighter than ever before. We find ourselves in a unique era where both chaos and opportunity coexist, and the spiritual realms are within our reach. It is no coincidence that we are experiencing a profound shift away from relying on gurus to shape our destiny. In this transformative journey of spiritual healing, you will receive guidance and support to navigate through your karmic patterns.

You will witness the intricate tapestry of your soul’s journey and be cradled in a safe space of divine connections. Just like a computer system, your body holds the memories of your past, from the moments of greatness in your childhood to the echoes of past lives. However, it also carries the burdens of pain and trauma that affect your present thoughts and taint your perception of the world.

Each session is unique and may include a soul regression, soul retrieval and blockage removal if spirit calls it forth. With wonder and awe you reclaim your magnificence that has been lost on your souls journey or new golden layers land for you to embody.

Sessions are in Zoom or in person in Seattle, WA.

Embark on this transformative journey, reclaim your power, and embrace a new frequency.


Healing emotions

Healing trauma

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Are you troubled by persistent issues that just won’t let go? Do you find yourself dealing with frustrating loved ones, friends, or colleagues, with those bothersome thoughts? Do you keep attracting the same annoying issue like a persistent mosquito.

It’s time to confront the source of your annoyance and break free from its grip. Allow Elle to guide you to your own inner sight, the third eye, where you can access deep states of consciousness to uncover the root causes of your issues and blessings. This newfound awareness enables you to release blockages and see at the deepest metaphysical level, where true transformation happens.

Embrace this golden opportunity for personal growth and witness a stronger, brighter version of yourself. So, bid farewell to those troubles and let them bug off!



Your heart is an extraordinary supercomputer that faithfully records all the pain and wounds from both your recent past and past lives. These accumulated hurts deeply impact your heart’s well-being and significantly influence your thoughts and perspective in the present. Embark on a transformative journey with us, as we guide you towards healing and unleashing the true power of your heart with absolute clarity.

Amplify Your Light is your compassionate companion on this remarkable path of self-discovery and spiritual healing. Our unique approach that leans on the third eye and unwavering support will enable you to experience profound energetic shifts and a renewed sense of purpose. Our work is designed to open your heart, release suppressed anger, grief and sadness, reconnect you with your inner child and higher self, and reveal hidden aspects of your being.

Best of all no plant medicine or hypnosis is involved.


I started working with Elle because I was in desperate need for someone to help guide my spiritual growth. I was unable to see past patterns and habits I had built over a lifetime. From the very beginning Elle was kind, personal, and direct. She has a beautiful presence and connection to her power that held space for me to connect with mine. Her intuition and insight are piercing. She showed me how to feel my heart and a way that I haven’t been able to do since I was a child. I am so grateful that she is a part of my team, and I am looking forward to this journey of growth with her.

Lauren J.

My work with Elle has been so many things- transformative, beautiful, challenging, and hopeful. I have expanded into realms of my experience of self that I have not contacted for years and which enrich my current life experience. I have experienced Elle as being incredibly committed to supporting my own healing in a way that I have not experienced other healers and/or therapists to be. Her modality of working is real and effective, and you will experience change in an incredibly meaningful way.

I have been able to remember my innocence, magic, and gain excitement for how many possible ways that I can grow as I expand my experience of flow. Working with Elle is a journey of becoming whole in ways that you didn’t realize you could- it’s a way to tap into unshakable and pure self love.”


I’ve been working with Elle for about 7 years now online and I couldn’t have better things to say about her and the work she does. Every session is a transformation and I feel a shift in my energy and in my life. The work we have done together has opened my heart, released a lot of anger and sadness, brought me closer to my inner child and higher self, and opened me up to parts of myself I didn’t know existed. Elle’s work is powerful, beautiful, unique, connected and I would highly recommend her.

Yvette B

Grief Maestro

Whether you have lost someone or in a deep loss, grief can be a direct access to Source. Some of the most beautiful sessions that are bathed in connection happen when one is in the deepest turmoil.

In these sessions, I have witnessed wings of light bathe a grief stricken person, loved ones who have crossed come into the space and seen clients taken to Highness where they can sit at a Council meeting or mingle with Beings/Guides from across time and space.

Things start to make sense, the heart opens more and attachments to what was can drop. You can walk away with greater understanding and friends in high places.



You feel great. Life is awesome. Nothing is missing. There isn’t anything in particular you want to work on. Whether you’re a returning client or new to the game, embark on an inner journey and electrify your spirit.

You will wake up to areas that have been sleepy and shine even more! You will look younger as unknown stress falls away and your Spirit shines forth. Let us join forces and illuminate the world together!

Schedule your session today and let the magic begin!


I’ve been going to Elle’s meditation classes. I felt safe with her immediately. I signed up for a 12 session plan. I did not feel there was something wrong with me or that I needed work, I just wanted to grow spiritually and felt that digging more into myself with one on one meditation healing, I would discover more about me and who I am and this would help me open up more to connection and guidance, because I was feeling that it was really hard to reach connection or get any guidance. Wow! I’ve learned so much about me today, and about some of my blocks and why I behave a certain way, not that it was bad, but it could be so much better. And It is now. I had a block removed from my heart that allowed me to feel and connect more. I thought I was a loving person, but I was guarded. I had this spot in my heart where I could hide and not feel anything. I no longer have this spot and I feel with all my heart.

I’ve cried and been sad for past experiences where I had not allowed myself to completely feel (heart opening) It has been liberating. There were more things I discovered on Elle’s sessions, some thru seeing some of my past lives. That knowledge has opened my eyes to who I am, and I see some of the patterns that I have to change. I think I am running out of the allowed space to write   but if I only have one more line I would say: I trust Elle, she is my teacher, my friend she is truly compassionate soul without judgement or expectations.


Spiritual Healing


Do you ever find yourself hearing your parents’ voices echoing in your mind? Those relentless thoughts that have been deeply ingrained in you. If left unresolved, you may start sounding exactly like your parents – the parts you don’t particularly like.

It’s time to break free, liberate yourself, and uproot those outdated beliefs that are holding you back from embracing your true, authentic self. See for yourself, through the awakening of your third eye, the grip of negative thoughts and the outdated programming that no longer serves you. Embrace the valuable lessons they have taught you and with the grace of your Higher Self discard the rest. It’s time to break those past chains of parents and ancestors and step into your own power!

Elle is phenomenal. Period. As a Master Reiki Practitioner I’ve had the opportunity over the years of working with many light workers and healers. Since working with Elle I’ve never looked back. I’ve seen major shifts in my life since working with her as she has a unique method and lands amazingly beautiful and powerful connections.

Her very specific technique is a game changer. It’s not just a “feel good session” where nothing concrete changes… your whole life will shift in the most miraculous ways. This work is not for the faint of heart so be ready to put in the work – trust me it is worth it. Her morning meditations with the group always make a huge difference to my day and set the tone for an amazing day. I highly recommend both her one on one sessions as well her amazing meditation group.

Jill N.

spiritual health


Do you feel like your body is playing a never-ending game of hide and seek with your health? We get it! Whether it’s dealing with tricky fertility issues or a puzzling mysterious dis-ease, we specialize in Clearings that go beyond traditional medicine. Our unique approach is akin to psychic surgery and often uncovers the root cause and leaves you questioning everything.

Trust Elle, a compassionate soul without judgment or expectations, to guide you on this transformative journey. Together, we can amplify your light and bring about profound spiritual healing.

Entities, attachments and the inner critic

As of yesterday I am 6 weeks pregnant With endometriosis, the main side effect (aside from pain) is infertility. We got right away (literally the first time trying with my ovulation schedule) which isn’t common. Many women resort to IVF to have a chance at pregnancy, and even that is not always successful. All of my doctors keep telling me I’m “lucky”, but truly I know otherwise! It’s obvious to me that the work we did really did make a major impact.


I came to Elle with a significant challenge that I’ve been dealing for most of my life. I needed help and not the kind that you can get at talk therapy. And being in a dark place at the time, I was ready for the “heavy lifting” required for Elle’s work. I’ve done other kind of alternative therapies before, having embraced the woo woo lifestyle, since I was 18 but this was unlike any other therapy I’ve gone through before. It felt surreal at times, like feelings that laid dormant and beneath the surface could almost literally be hooked and pulled out of you, and you feel like “throwing up” emotion!

After my work with Elle, I felt like something dark has been lifted away from me. Sure, I could still get fired up, or get sad, but this big bad thing inside was gone. I’ve been trying to like meditation for 2 decades and only now I could finally get to the spot where I felt the joy of it; before it was simply inaccessible to me. I don’t know who needs to read this right now but if you’re here and reading this, it probably means you need this work and should just close your eyes and do it. It’s scary and feels sadomasochistic at times but if you could see the light at the end of the tunnel, would this light be worth it? To me, it was.


I came to Elle for help with an entity that was attacking my fiancé at night. I purchased a 12 visit package and began immediately to work on expelling the entity. Elle discovered that I had two entities that had attached themselves to me. I have also had MS for 13 years and dealt with almost constant pain. I had used narcotics and alcohol to “cope” up until this point and desired a change.

After some past life regression and healing of samskaras, we removed one of the entities. The horrific pain I had been having in my arm that I had previously attributed to MS, vanished and I haven’t had it since. I also am free of my thirst for alcohol.

I now have the ability to enjoy and savor a single glass of wine or beer without “needing” more. Elle encouraged reading of the Sophia Code and as soon as we received it in the mail and placed it in our bedroom, the attacks on my fiancé ceased.

I highly recommend Elle and her teachings for anyone who is looking to learn about themselves and grow. If you have found Elle, it is no accident and should be considered divine intervention in your life…5 stars all the way.

Rebbecca J.

feeling isolated from other people


Are you feeling stuck in life patterns that prevent you from forming deep connections and experiencing optimal health? The lone wolf within you may be keeping you from fully embracing loving relationships and well-being. It’s time to break free from this cycle and witness a transformed, more loving version of yourself emerge where your relationships flourish.

If I were asked to rate myself in terms of what drives my thinking I’d come out pretty high on the scientific evidence side, which is to say that I have a heavy dose of skepticism. Fortunately, I also try to keep an open mind which is why when a dear friend suggested I might spend time working with Elle to help me through the stresses of life as a parent, a daughter of aging parents, and a demanding job in college leadership, I was willing to give it a try. 

I have absolutely no scientific reference to explain how my work with Elle has helped me. It is insufficient to say that her approach to her practice is, at a minimum, akin to working with a really good therapist. She begins by guiding my breath and focus, then gently asks questions that lead me to a next step. Some sessions I leave with amazing clarity about myself, my influences, and what is blocking me from moving in directions I want to go. Other sessions I feel intense physical sensations that I am hard-pressed to explain except to say that I believe they are the manifestation of the blockages.

Whatever the case, I am becoming unstuck in my life patterns, in my harmful thinking, and feel a more expansive view of the world and how I interact in it. Elle is a wise and gentle guide, and I am grateful to have her in my life.”


Before this deep healing work with Elle, I found myself stuck in old patterns, constantly giving in to the pain rather than breathing through it. Elle helped me feel, truly feel, the connection to our vast and beautiful Universe and guided me through powerful sessions that showed me it’s always possible to choose love.


Do you have a connection with a specific spot in nature? A place that pulls you towards it and fills you with a sense of well being? On this vast Earth, energy wells are scattered everywhere, and perhaps you have discovered one. Imagine scheduling a transformative session where you transcend the physical and find yourself transported there where you’ll be warmly greeted by enchanting nature spirits who are eager to collaborate with you and reveal the mesmerizing wonders of nature.

In this realm, nature can bestow upon you extraordinary blessings, unlocking new channels and facilitating profound healing experiences. Are you prepared to embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and wholeheartedly embrace the magic of nature in an entirely new light?

transformational healing


Feeling stuck in your yoga, meditation, or martial arts practice? Don’t let frustration overpower you. We understand the struggle and are here to help you break free from these stubborn barriers.

Our sessions operate on the astral level, where emotions intertwine with the physical body. Just like alchemy transforms lead into gold, this process can sometimes manifest as unexpected discomfort or restlessness during your journey through yoga, meditation, and martial arts.

In simpler terms, latent emotions may surface and become trapped in certain areas. But fret not, as these challenges are actually opportunities for personal transformation. Embrace the chance to shatter your limitations and soar to new heights. Book a session with us today, and let’s conquer these obstacles together. Your body will thank you!

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