Elle Kerr-Wilson

Over three decades Elle Kerr-Wilson has invested time, money and devotion to her healing and alchemical transformation process. She makes this journey with sincere dedication as well as a lightness of being. Together with her practices of meditation and mystical studies have finely honed her skills and ability to hold beautiful healing energies for her clients. Her one-on-one healing sessions are filled with wisdom and alchemical healing energies. Elle’s sessions bring spiritual connection, transformation and a shifting of timelines to her clients.


Mystical Studies

Elle Kerr-Wilson’s extraordinary journey intertwines with that of her partner, David. Together, they embarked on a profound and transformative spiritual path. In their twenties, their souls yearned for the mystical and the spiritual, propelling them to seek the guidance of Brian Robertson, a renowned Spiritualist Minister/Medium. Under his wise and nurturing tutelage, they discovered the invaluable significance of offering support and care to others treading the same sacred path.

Their quest for enlightenment took a turn when they crossed paths with the Medium Teacher, William Rainen. In a time before the convenience of online platforms, Rainen’s insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to personally distribute copies of the groundbreaking book, Hidden Messages of Water, from the trunk of his car. This transformative period not only expanded their consciousness but also introduced them to the ancient and profound teachings of Bernice Falling Leaves, a revered Shamanic Wise Woman from Tacoma.

Intrigued by a Monk, Elle dedicated three profound years to immersing herself in a unique form of Yoga originating from the mystical caves of Korea. Guided by this Monk,  she honed her yogic practice. However, fate had a twist in store, as the Monk announced his departure to Korea, thrusting Elle into a new phase of her spiritual journey, where adaptability and embracing change became paramount.

Interestingly, as Elle embarked on her newfound path, David found himself on the cusp of embarking on a Modern Yogic training, showcasing the intricate and fascinating synchronicities that continually weave through their interconnected spiritual evolution.

Elle Kerr-Wilson Seattle

With this synchronicity, Elle Kerr-Wilson joined him and there they found their master teacher, Samuel Sagan. A Yogi Spiritual Master who was also a Doctor. He brought a Scientific and meticulous approach to the energy system. They were fortunate to be mentored by his Instructors and Practitioners and are still today. They stayed at this school for ten years.  They learned deep meditation practices to map consciousness. Ultimately to raise their voltage.

The circle of giving from these amazing teachers and years of dedication is ever present in her offerings to you. Elle and David offer meditation together for those who are looking for rich yogi experiences.

Elle Kerr-Wilson’s Certification

 Certified Sophia Circle Journey Facilitator by Kaia Ra

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher in the Usui Ryoho Reiki System by Lisa Powers.

 Certified Feng Shui Consultant by Dr. Shan-Tung Hsu from Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute

In the 90’s she went through a 9 month rigorous training through the National Spiritualist Association for Hands on Healing.

Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church Ministry.

Elle Kerr-Wilson and David

Work and Education

Elle has a BA in Psychology and Healing from Antioch University and a Diploma in Business Management from British Columbia Institute of Technology. She has worked as an Assistant Stockbroker, Property Manager and Retail and Hotel Management. Importantly, upon high school graduation, Elle Kerr-Wilson worked as a hairstylist in one of Canada’s leading salons. Elle left that creative world to join the business world. However, this caused her to miss the healing and creative aspect of making people feel beautiful and cared for. Elle’s return to healing brought her full circle.



Home Life

Happily, Elle Kerr-Wilson has been married for 33 years. It would be foolish to make it sound like everything was a bed of roses and that destiny was bright with a white picket fence. You can read about their process here. Presently, they live outside of Seattle in Edmonds, WA. They have a 29 year old daughter and a 25 year old son. They are blessed with a wonderful daughter in law.  As well, enjoy the company of a smart cat and a playful dog.

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