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Third Eye Breathwork Immersive

In this group setting immersive find yourself in a sacred space where you can explore your inner depths and release emotional wounds through . Reclaim parts of yourself that have been hidden and retrieve lost fragments from challenging times. Share your wisdom and insights with like-minded souls in a supportive group setting.

Enroll in unique third eye breathwork immersive where you will delve into your sacred inner space, cultivate inner sight, and embody your transformation. This unique experience is designed to create an emotionally safe environment for your healing and personal growth.

Bring your journal, pen, water bottle, comfy blanket, and favorite pillow. We’ll provide a wholesome vegetarian lunch and snacks.

Location: Elle’s Temple Space in Edmonds, WA

Breathwork in Seattle

JUNE 8, 2024


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This Immersive will be focusing on cultivating devotion and divinity.

The Upcoming Immersive is focusing on divinity and devotion. We will be therefore focusing on the heart and calling in the divine. As a group, you will open your hearts to aspiration and ask that which is holding you back to be revealed.

What is the divine?

The Divine’ means nothing else thaDiscover yourself in third eye immersives. n God. However, it has the advantage of not bringing up the heavy religious associations which the word ‘God’ often evokes in people with a Judeo-Christian background: a male bearded God standing high up in the heavens, punishing his creatures.

The Divine gives God a fresh start in people’s mind, especially those who have become disillusioned with religion.

What is devotion?

Devotion is a practice that we will be discussing and delving into. It is a deep intuitive practice to cutivate the prayer that is praying you. We will share our love of devotion and how to cultivate it more to reach deeper into the divine.

What is aspiration?

Aspiration is a practice that helps you ask the Divine for what you need. It is part of manifestation. However, it is done away from the ordinary consciousness where the asking often falls flat. In the deep space of this Immersive you will reach spaces of the divine that are beyond the ordinary mind and reach parts of you that can aspire and surrender deeply into your divine will. This will be our focus along with releasing your current blockage that separates you from aspects of your divinity.


Immersive in Edmonds, WA


🪷 1.5 hour Pre-Immersive Session
This session gets you into your process and gets you into your intention for the day of the Immersive. It is to be scheduled before the Immersive over Zoom or in person.

🪷  Immersive Morning receive 1 session, meditation and group tune in that helps hone your third eye vision and cultivate the group space.

🪷 Vegetarian Lunch Included

🪷 Immersive afternoon receive 2nd session and group sharing

🪷 Seal the Day creating a Circle of Empowerment around you in the Sophia Circle Medicine Wheel

🪷 In the following week receive 1.5 hour Follow-up  Session to help integrate and give you individual attention on your process.


Complete the Inquiry Form and book a complimentary introductory call with Elle to discuss your Journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?


$288 for established clients


When do I need to enroll by?

There are limited spots. So start the enrollment soon.  First, fill out the inquire form. If you work with Elle then start the conversation.

How do I know this is for me? What is your cancellation policy?

If you have read through my blog and checked out my site then you have a good indication of who I am. I KNOW this is amazing work that gets results without lots of talking. You can also schedule a session to check this work out before you commit to the Immersive.

Because of the group format and limited availability there is no refund 5 days prior to the Immersive Day.



Are you ready to escape the madness of everyday life and dive into a heavenly bubble of retreat bliss?

This intensive is like stepping into a realm of magic, where your spirit can relax and recharge. Leave the chaos behind and immerse yourself in Spiritual Healing Sessions with Elle.

Stay in our detached room away from our house, ensuring a stay that is both tranquil and rejuvenating. And let’s talk about our food, shall we? We serve up delicious, organic meals that will make your taste buds do a happy dance. You can enjoy these culinary delights with us or in the comfort of your own space.

Ah, the freedom! But wait, there’s more!

This will be a personalized package customized to your process. Get ready for a journey of self-discovery that is tailored specifically to your unique desires and needs. So, what are you waiting for? Let us amplify your light and guide you towards an unforgettable Intensive experience!

Your Facilitator

Elle is on a mission to guide her clients through the intricate journey of their wounded parts, empowering them to release the burdens of struggle. She expertly aligns individuals with their embodied connection to Spirit and Higher Self, fostering a transformative experience like no other.

With a deep calling to foster authentic connections, Elle brings people together and cultivates kindred friendships. Her dedication to personal growth spans over three decades, during which she has invested invaluable time, resources, and unwavering devotion to her own healing and alchemical transformation process. This journey, infused with both sincerity and a lightness of being, has honed her exceptional skills and ability to hold profound healing energies for her clients.

Elle’s healing sessions are a sanctuary of wisdom and alchemical healing energies. Through her years of experience and extensive practice in meditation and mystical studies, she has mastered the art of creating a sacred space for spiritual connection, profound transformation, and the shifting of timelines for her cherished clients.

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