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Sophia Circle Journey®

Going through the Sacred Text of the Sophia Code has been a life changing journey for me and many of my clients. It is a journey, where we meet in person or over Zoom 13 times helps you activate the mastery of your self initiation, prayer, mentorship with Ascended Masters and awakens the oracle within. Truly you will step deeper into your divine feminine.



13 Divine Feminine Ceremonial Gatherings

Facilitated by Mother and Daughter
Elle and Hunter Kerr-Wilson, Certified Sophia Circle Leaders





Section 1

September 18 – Sophia: The One Divine Mother of All Life

September 25 – Your Soverign Divine Genome: Revealing your crystalline chromosones

October 2 – Our High Council of Ascended Masters: ISIS, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene,  Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman

October 9 – Divine Feminine Christ Teachers of Sophia Consciousness

October 16 – The Golden Age of Miracles

Section 2

To work with the Ascended Masters and get to know them more we will move away from meeting every week

November 6 – Ascended Master ISIS: Claim your divine inheritance, sacred sexuality, sovereign divinity

December 4 – Ascended Master Hathor: Your voice, the electro-ecstatic union of your multidimensional self

January 8 – Ascended Master Green Tara: Your eco-ascension studies within the Earth, Embodying your higher spirit, your innocence is the guide and guardian

February 5 – Ascended Master Mother Mary: A mentor for fulfilling your prophesy, following the voice of your heart

March 5  – Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: A mentor for your spiritual revolution, seeding a divine feminine blueprint for your future

April 2 – Ascended Master Quan Yin: Loving yourself with compassion is essential for ascension

May 7 -White Buffalo Woman: Dowloading your divine feminine medicine

June 4 – The Sophia Dragons are the Seraphim of Sovereignty – You are a divine birther of new realities

Sophia Circle

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A Sophia Circle Journey® is a carefully curated journey designed for those who seek to deepen into their divine feminine. In this journey you will need to read the chapter that we are going into ceremony before hand. In each journey you will explore your inner insights that come up for you in the gathering. We will deepen into conversation, prayer and meditation.

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I had a profound experience with Elle doing the Sophia Circles just as I have had huge breakthroughs and deep transformational healing doing individual work with her. My personal life and my work as a psychotherapist have been deeply enhanced by my experiences with Ascended Masters (through my work with Elle) that have come to be allies through this complex and often challenging journey we call life.

I feel my work with others in the healing realm has been greatly enhanced through this beautiful healing work with Elle that allows me to share and radiate it bringing it more fully to others.
Truly, such a profound gift.

Stephanie J.


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