Are you one of the lucky ones that has been feeling emotional intensity firing up? Are old wounds rising up from out of nowhere? You’re not crazy. We have just moved out of a powerful Equinox where spiritual forces are at their strongest and astrologically speaking Pluto has moved into Aquarius. To top it off Pluto is squaring the Nodes.


What does that mean for you?

As a Collective we are moving into some times that will bring up emotional intensity.  Our ways of living will shift and change. Some things will collapse and this will be highly uncomfortable if you are not ready. Well, change can be hard even if we are ready. Remember though it is all part of entering into the New World.

However, some of you will be triggered and destabilized more than usual depending where Pluto is in your chart. In other words, if you are feeling more stressed, challenged, emotional or more triggered than usual, this could be why. It’s good though as it gives you an advantage to deal with your emotional wounds now as we move deeper into Pluto astrological times.

Now is a special time to deconstruct the wounded part that is feeling the emotional intensity. As we all know, we can say we ‘love’, but putting love into action at times of Pluto astrological emphasis is a whole different thing. Suddenly love isn’t in the picture. Reactions and emotions are swinging in the wind and everyone can feel those who are in the emotional intensity. It is not fun to be around.

emotional intensity

What the heck is Pluto

“He descended into hell; the third day he ascended into heaven…” The Apostles Creed


  • Pluto is death and resurrection.
  • The Phoenix rising out of the ashes!
  • Pluto takes things to there depth.
  • Pushes things to there limits.
  • Pushing you to your limits.
  • Pluto loves to destruct old paradigms.
  • The King of the underworld that can dredge up issues, lies that need to be seen.

A lie can be as simple as unclear thinking, fooling yourself and self delusion. These are core issues that rise up and Pluto turns up the heat to an uncomfortable level, forcing you to deal with it.

I always say “I would rather deal with my issues of reactions in an hour and a half session rather than in moving about in life. Inner rage and irresistible passions are better to see and work on with vision and inner work. Sessions highlight the issue that is charged with emotional intensity. These healing sessions can feel like a near death awakening, which beats being in the unfortunate emotional intensity of reactions for the coming months and years.

To avoid the quantum entangling with friends, family, and Collective issues, consider running at the shadow work when the emotional intensity heat is on.

Turn off the news. Focus on the love in your heart and welcoming a new and expanded consciousness. Create your hearts desire. Life can be easy if you make it easy.

Besides One on One sessions, consider stepping into a meditation practice. I am now offering meditation mentorship.  If you really want to step up your game into the calm and be supported by Higher Spirit, we are now offering Sophia Circle Journeys that stand on their own and support your expansion at this time.

We can stand together in love and light as humanity goes through it’s next evolutionary cycle when we are not triggered with emotional intensity. Then we are holding space for others while they go through these trying times where things seem a little more crazy out there.

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