Energetic Reasons For Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression can be caused by an energetic loss, fragmented energies from the delivery and trauma from the birth process.

The Golden Seed Of Creation And Postpartum Depression

There is a golden light that glows and shines around pregnant woman. It is the golden seed of creation. When this golden light in the aura leaves it can be a reason for postpartum depression.  Also, some pregnant women can even sense a celestial sound of angelic voices. People naturally are drawn to this aura and there is a pull to touch and be close to her and bathe in her presence. This is the golden seed of creation and once a woman has given birth, this light withdraws. A precious Christ light surrounds the baby. Yet, it is not the same as the golden seed of creation that surrounds the birth mother.

If a birth is difficult, then the shock of the golden seed of creation’s withdrawal can be magnified by a chaos in a woman’s womb. With conscious awareness there is a path of healing, transformation and empowerment as an alternative to mainstream medication.

A Beautiful Birth

When the golden seed of creation leaves, it can feel like something is missing for the mother. For me, I remember the loss and a strange emptiness. A certain quality of light was just gone. Feeling more into the natural sense of motherhood and feeling the light in the newborn baby is an optimal path forward. The baby holds a light. It is a different light, not the golden seed of creation.

An Energetic Tip: When a baby is falling asleep, put the baby on your chest and sense where it goes in the dream world. You can follow it to a golden light and bask in it with the baby.

postpartum depression


 Postpartum Depression

The loss of the light of the golden seed of creation is part of the cause of postpartum depression. Often women have this amazing connection and long for this seed of creation that leaves upon delivery. It should be noted that this experience of losing the golden seed of creation is not the same for every woman.

Some women have extremely difficult births which can stir up the womb allowing for a principle of chaos to enter. As well, there can be negative fragmented energies that implant in the womb during delivery. This can impact the womb with further levels of chaos. These negative energies can create a shift in personality, and deep loss for the mother. She can have a sense of being out of alignment with herself.

Also, a woman who has been focusing on a worldly life may awaken to the golden seed of creation. When it is gone she can feel the loss more extremely than a woman who has been on a conscious spiritual path. This can lead to depression as something is missing.


Miscarriages can be extra difficult on a woman. There is the deep loss of losing the baby, and there is also the loss of the celestial light that was snuffed out before the mother even got a chance to delve into it.

Craving Pregnancy

It is also why many women crave pregnancy.  They feel the magnificence of the golden seed of creation. Who wouldn’t want more of that creation principle.

Healing, Transformation and Empowerment

When I work with a client who suffers from postpartum depression , she goes into the loss and maybe pain that is stored in the ovaries or womb and even the heart. So, the client sees the event on a metaphysical layer and releases the trauma. The warmth returns, helping the client embody and cultivate a relationship with connections to the golden light, guides, angels and magnificence. It won’t be the golden seed of creation that you find as that is very specific to pregnancy. However, you could find a magnificent golden light and deep love.

As well, you could find you picked up fragmented energies from a traumatic birth that influence or even cause your postpartum depression.

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