Everyone likes to believe they are listening and tuning into the light. Yet, it is undeniable that we are all also influenced by the many false lights inhabiting the astral realms. It is well worth being aware of your tells and the samskaras that that influence and twist your perceptions.

Recognizing the false light

There is a warmth that exudes from the light. It is something to feel versus look at as the light can be tricky. Think of the physically beautiful person who actually isn’t beautiful on the inside.

In fact, grifters and con-artists have a way of shining a false light around them. There is often a sparkle that is alluring and many people get tricked by this sparkle and charisma.

Partly, the sparkle is the etheric body, prana-maya-kosha. This is the field around the body made of prana and qi of the Eastern tradition. It gets energized by a massive space above ones head. It also connects to the heart.

Using the example of a Grifter, they would have a certain joy that taps into their heart when grifting. It is fun to them. In conjunction, they would lean on a massive space above the head that has the know how of grifting. This massive space has a light. If you tune in beyond the Grifter you can feel elements of a false light. If you have not developed this perception, feel into the person beyond their illusion. Does their energy feel slick, oily, cold, mean, slightly grey or very grey? Use your spidey senses. When you tune in or ask yourself a question does your hair stand up on end? Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling as that is often the indication of the real light.

Recognizing the light

Lets look at what the false light is. Every culture has the myth of a garden of eden time. One where we basked in the glory of god. Then humans fell from grace losing this easy connection of bliss.

Source light has no weight. In a sense, it feels so expanded and vast that it feels empty. However, when you fall into this vastness in times of meditation it can feel scary to feel such emptiness. A darkness of no-thing. Yet, there is a presence there. There are also gate keepers. Just ask for permission to enter and voila you can enter into a garden of eden. It feels warm yet empty.The more you spend time there the more your energy infuses in this space imbuing your etheric body. It feels good. Not an over joy that people often put on like a garment.

The fall

The same model of consciousness is used for the grifter and you. You lean on a false light most of the time actually. It just matters on the shade. So here we are in the fall of Eden. We don’t know how to get back. We are hurt beyond measure. Every human has a wound of abandonment and this is the core wound. Heal this and your abandonment issue will fall away. Think again if you don’t think this fall has deeply wounded you.

Subtle consequences , a subtle turning from God.

  • god isn’t real
  • leaning on science
  • rejecting the power and true wisdom of nature (ie. mechanistic science)
  • skepticism
  • I have to see it with my eyes
  • nothing is wrong with me, I am good.
  • inner critism – after all you couldn’t get back to Eden so something must be wrong with you
  • virtue signaling – I am a good person

 However, with this fall, was it in fact the true fall? Was that really God? I propose it too was a false light.

The false light

So there you are. Abandoned and not knowing how to get back. All you really needed to do was lean on your heart and the emptiness. However, that didn’t quite feel right. So there was a space that feels righteous. This is the way. Religions were born out of this. Trying to get back. If you feel into this in yourself there is a weight. It has a meaty substance. Something to sink your teeth into. It feels good. Voila… you are leaning on a false light.

Source isn’t empty -rather the space has a very refined quintessence. Often when we are turning up we end up with the emptiness that can feel something like true bliss, but it lacks the refined qualities and is truly empty.


false light

However, with this fall, was it in fact the true fall? Was that really God? I propose it too was a false light.This Being, and others like it, demand you serve them. Perhaps we have been tuning into this false light? Instead of feeling the light we have been told to believe. Yet, many have bypassed this fake God to the true Source. When they do they never lean on right or wrong or fake humility but an authentic humility that leans on a warmth that is beyond measure.

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