The inner child work can be confusing. When it clicks for you, it can be a game changer as getting the inner child to be on your own side can create unity within yourself. A wounded inner child can create a lot of unconscious sabotage. When you nurture your inner child it begins to trust you more and feel safe in the world which allows you to step out and shine more.

Below I talk about cultivating a relationship with your inner child and share some videos from Waldorf Education.




Creating a Waldorf Inspired Nurturing Home

 One tip to help you with your inner child work is embracing the warmth of natural fibers.

Natural fibers have an energy and allow the person to enrich their senses. Synthetics  and plastics don’t help one enrich their senses. Also, synthetic creates an electrostatic energy in the body so it does not as calming to our energy. This will help young children and your inner child.

This video gets to the point 45 seconds in.

Nurture the soul force of wonder

Wonder is a quality of awakening that not only creates a mind that can critically think but also cultivates a relationship with God/Source. Here a Waldorf teacher talks about wonder.

How to create a safe space for your inner child

We were not necessarily taught how to create a safe space for children. I share this video to help give you some insight into yourself and how you can be gentle in your inner work..

More tips on reclaiming your inner child work here.


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