It always concerns me when I hear people referring to someone as ‘spiritual’ and thinking a person working in the healing or religious profession has more spiritual meaning than another. We are all spiritual and one’s spirituality can look very different than another. Someone can have no spiritual practice and yet live with spiritual meaning without giving it a thought. Realizing some hearts are more open than other’s makes a difference. The other day I had a client say she was doing healing work with clients because she wanted to do more heart aligned work. Yet, what does that really mean?

I’ll share. When I was a teenager my mom branded me ‘difficult’.   She sent me to a girlfriend’s home for a month. This was a catholic family. I spent a lot of time with my girlfriend’s stay-at-home mom helping in the kitchen that month. It was a time of healing for me by being in the presence of this Italian mom. Years later I regressed back to that time period in my life in ISIS sessions. These sessions take you back to heal wounds and also your Higher Self might want you to see something you missed in the 3D. As sessions work on a metaphysical level where time slows down.

In the ISIS session I saw myself in the kitchen and opening the fridge and as I stood there looking into the fridge she said “There is nothing wrong with you. Your mom is just very busy.” I know on a level that I heard her that day. Regressing back though I took those words deeper into my heart on a new level. My ISIS Facilitator had me really sit with this. As we sat with these precious words we saw how Mother Mary had been enveloping this Italian Mom. We saw that this mom really held me and set me on a spiritual track that I didn’t realize.

It was an even bigger track when I regressed back to that day as there were so many subtleties that I had missed. Now, when I feel that Italian Mother and how she held me, tears can easily run down my face. It instantly puts me in touch with Mother Mary. I bring this up as this Italian Mother was seen as an ordinary per

how to have spiritual meaning

son. Her faith was outstanding and she was living with her spiritual gifts.


how to have spiritual meaning

Spiritual Veneer

I have a deep healing practice that helps people get more in touch with their true essence, cultivate a relationship with faith and deepen their spiritual connections while releasing trauma. I have seen a lot of people come through my door searching for spiritual meaning.  It never sits well with me when someone refers to me as ‘spiritual’ or describes someone as ‘spiritual’.  We are all spiritual. This is just my expression. Another person could be deeply spiritual and have no outward signs and even be an atheist.

So don’t get fooled by the props and spiritual veneer that many have. A spiritual veneer is one who dresses and talks like they are spiritual. I admit that I adorn myself with spiritual jewellery and shawls as I like those things and I will mix it up with clothing such as Motor bike boots. To throw off the scent for my own ego of identification.


The Italian Mother was BEING and what a great spiritual gift. I see that people can make a greater impact doing their profession with an open heart and gaining more clarity by doing the transformational clearing work. Living a life with spiritual meaning and spiritual gifts yes! But, everyone’s gifts and calling do not look the same. One does not have to have a Healing Practice or be in a Ministry. I do not see this as better.

Spiritual meaning

Recognizing your spiritual meaning

An easy example of witnessing someone in their calling and using their spiritual gifts is someone I know selling motorbikes. Honing his gift of talking and relating to people. How many lives has he saved by being highly intuitive and putting someone on the right bike? Often he subtly shifts them from being on a super powerful engine to something more appropriate for their skill level. I see this as the Holy Spirit moving through him in a big way.

Never underestimate the co-worker at the water cooler. You might be sharing a sip of water with a Spiritual Master who doesn’t know they are one. Who perhaps rests on a humble life taking the garbage out. Weaving integrity on the planet with every step.

I see people who Code computer languages having great potential and I love to work with them. With the subtle bodies of invisible musculature they can Code the Holy Spirit right into Corporations.


Step deeper into your work and have more spiritual meaning

I feel the key is to find the void in life. Not fill this void with a spiritual veneer or materialism but with the part of you that finds meaning. Your belly and heart are the chakra of joy. You can cultivate it through meditation and inner work that helps you embody more of it.

Importantly, find things to do that bring joy and meaning. One could find spirituality jumping out a plane to coking for a family in need (as long as one doesn’t identify with this in an egoistic way). Jumping out of a plane can weave joy and play on the planet. One isn’t better than the other.


To me, spirituality, healing work and meditation is about becoming more. Being that person who listens and is flexible when the inner guidance comes through. Landing light and love for yourself first so it flows to those around you. This is no small feat. To be present in all ways and have some belly hutzpa for life. Standing up in a good and powerful way, not playing small as you were born for a reason. So whoever you are, I honor you. You might say something to someone that changes the course of their lives. We are all of Service and can deepen into our spiritual meaning and spiritual gifts.

xo, Elle


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