Meditation for parents can be a challenging balancing act. Finding the time to meditate amidst the chaos of parenting is no easy task. However, I discovered that cultivating a deep solo meditation practice at home has brought unexpected benefits to my family. From the moment our children were small, my husband and I made a commitment to meditate together.

Unleash the Power of Mystery

Early on, we received valuable advice from our meditation teacher: keep our practice a captivating mystery to our children. This approach instilled a sense of wonder and awe in them, allowing them to experience the essence of meditation without any preconceived notions about God, Source, or whatever one may call it. Unbeknownst to us, they could feel this beautiful presence permeating our home during our meditation sessions. It wasn’t until they were older that they shared their experiences. They asked questions, but we followed our teacher’s guidance, refraining from engaging in lengthy discussions or intellectualizing our spiritual practice.

Benefits of Meditation for Parents as Sacred Quiet Time

We established a simple rule for our meditation practice: when we meditate, our children retreated to their rooms, away from any form of media, embracing a moment of silence and stillness. Looking back, I now realize that this created a serene space within our household. As electronic devices were switched off, an intangible yet precious energy settled in.

At first, we had no inkling of the profound impact we were creating for our children. Over time, our quiet time gradually extended from a mere twenty minutes to a remarkable two hours. One might assume that this duration was excessive for young minds, but it became a time for our kids to cultivate self-discipline and engage in self-entertainment without relying on media or adult supervision.

I knew we had something truly remarkable when my teenage son requested that we meditate in his room. He sought to infuse his personal space with a better energy, and he could sense it! As my children entered their tween years, I could hear them return to the house while I was meditating. Interestingly, they would kindly ask their friends to remain quiet, as they too could perceive and appreciate the palpable energy within our home.

Meditation for parents


Cultivating Experiences, Not Imposing Belief Systems

Through conversations with both children and adults in my life, it became evident that many lack the firsthand experience of connecting with the Source or a higher power. For them, it remains a mere belief rather than a tangible reality. I’ve even come across a priest’s son who identifies as an atheist, which may seem perplexing at first.

I am grateful for the advice I received in not over-explaining concepts of God or encourage meditation, b rather allowing them to discover and respect the energy for themselves. Admittedly, my journey of meditating while raising children had its fair share of challenges and growing pains. When our children were babies, I couldn’t simply confine them to their rooms during meditation sessions. Instead, I allowed my son to crawl around me, even on top of me.

Looking back, those were the most precious days, as my heart would melt in adoration for this little being. Although my own meditation may not have been perfect in those moments, I persisted. As my son grew older, he began venturing away from me, and I soon realized that he needed to be in his own room for me to fully let go and immerse myself in deep meditative spaces.

To truly explore the depths of meditation for parents, one must release all concerns and trust that their children are safely occupied. Now, I would add that they should be safely ensconced, allowing them to embrace the energy and develop a personal relationship with it, free from adult interference. I wholeheartedly encourage you to carve out precious time in your life to embark on a meditation practice while raising children.

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